Bohemian Styled Shoot – or – Summer of Love 101

Maybe it’s because I’m a child of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Maybe it’s because – wedding planner that I am – I’ve reimagined my own wedding day so many times (with the same groom, mind you, but with bare feet instead of four-inch heels). Or maybe it’s because my long-haired son (our model for this shoot) takes me back just a tad. Whatever the reason, I just had to do a Bohemian shoot. There was no way around it.

So for the benefit of the millennials in the room, may I present – ahem – Summer of Love 101, Exhibit A: macramé. When I was your age (I swore I’d never say that) it was a huge trend. We’d knot string and rope into intricate patterns and turn them into things like curtains, hanging chairs, shawls, (several decades) before you were born. Well, guess what? I’m not the only one in town who knows what macramé is. We found a local artist who creates these stellar table runners and chair backings with it. The second I saw them I knew they had to be the soul of what we were putting together.

Summer of Love Exhibit B: an obsession with nature. Think John Denver’s “Country Road” or Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind.” A connection with nature was a huge part of sticking it to the suits and imagining a different future. I wanted to bring that sense of the organic into this shoot, and our florist took one for the team to pull it off. We hung bottles from the ceiling and filled them with flowers. She hand-picked each branch and painstakingly hot glued every one of those flowers – and a few fingertips – to make the perfect backdrop.


Summer of Love Exhibit C: match-matchiness is strictly forbidden. Mismatching your clothes was a statement, a middle finger to the fashion industry, and an assertion of your independence. Eclecticism became the name of the game.


I wanted the dishes to bring in a bit more of that spirit of gorgeous rebellion, so we went with non-matching plates in jewel tones. We found the green and purple goblets pretty quickly, but it took weeks to find the right plates. I finally ordered them online and made sure they’d arrive before the big day. Well, guess what? The day before the shoot I get a phone call from the merchant apologizing profusely because the plates would not be delivered on time. Aaaaaaaah! Needless to say, I found just the right words for the merchant who shall remain nameless. I’ll let you guess whether I said them before of after hanging up. 😉

I then spent the entire day shopping at every store within a 60-mile radius and – at the end of the day and only out of desperation – managed to find some ‘these will just have to do’ dishes. I bought them, loaded them in my car feeling more than a bit deflated, and got a phone call saying the plates of my dreams had just arrived in the mail! Woohoo! Ten points for Team Missy! Just-rebellious-enough dishes? Check!

Summer of Love Exhibit D: flowers. They don’t call us flower children for nothing, folks. One of my favorite parts of event planning and design is watching the florist arrive.


The plates are set, the lights are hung, the macramé is on full display, and things are coming together nicely. You think to yourself, “yeah, this thing is gonna happen.” And then the flowers flood in and just light the place up. The before and after is dramatic. I’ve seen it so many times, and it just doesn’t get old. It always floors me!

So there you have it, folks: a Bohemian styled shoot for the books and an excuse for me to make all of you twenty and thirty-somethings feel fabulously young. You’re welcome!